Each year, the Book and Culture Festival of Medellín (Colombia) publishes the "little yellow book", a series of short adaptations of universal literature classics. For 2017, the title chosen was Mark Twain's novel "Tom Sawyer".
I was commissioned to create the llustrations for both printed and interactive/animated app.
The characters developed for this adaptation were Tom Sawyer as "Tom Sóyer", aunt Polly as "Tía Dolly", Huckleberry Finn as "Huck El mortiño" Becky Tatcher as "Becky", Injun Joe as "Indio Joe"
Client: Medellín Book Festival 2017
Project`s supervisors: Ana María Arango, Gregorio Herrera
Story by: Koleia Bungard. Based in Mark Twain`s novel "Tom Sawyer"
Illustration & animation: Kathiuska (Catalina Vásquez)
Additional animation: David Castaño
App programing: PanterCo.

Find the app for Android and iOS as "cuentico amarillo"

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