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Latin America: a region of pregnant girls. 
"Childbirths in girls under the age of 14 continue to increase in the region, impacting their mental health, physical health and life development. Meanwhile, states deny them their sexual and reproductive rights"

This work was commisioned by and published in El Espectador (Colombia), GK, Wambra Medio Digital Comunitario (Ecuador) , Ojo Público (Perú), Nómada (Guatemala) y Managua Furiosa (Nicaragua).

Text by: Lia Valero
Illustrations: Catalina Vásquez

You can read the full investigation Here (spanish)

"One of the things that impressed him most after investigating the subject for 5 years is the naturalness with which pregnant girls are spoken to as if they were adults, while being treated as girls without the capacity for decision and autonomy.  We have put into the DNA that motherhood is perfect, especially in the Latin American role. But we forget that they are still girls."
"Sometimes I feel sad about how things happen to me and I think about why my dad did this to me"

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