Niebla (Mist) / 2020/ Animation short film / Producing
Nicolas is a kid who has moved with his parents to the suburbs near to an ancient fog forest. The place takes on a new meaning when he starts to have mysterious encounters with native animals. He will discover a forest full of life and will the understand the importance between humans and nature.
Official Selections:
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Oberhausen, Germany. 2020
Bogoshorts International Film Festival. Bogotá, Colombia. 2020.
Pantalones Cortos Short Film Festival. Medellín, Colombia. 2020
Festival de Cine Corto de Popayán. Popayán, Colombia. 2020
El Perro que Ladra - Le Chien Qui Aboie Colombian Film Festival. Paris, France, 2020.
Cinekid Children´s Film Festival. Amsterdam, Holland. 2020.
Anima Latina Latin America Film Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2020 

Cárcel (Jail) / 2017 / documentary animation short film / script, directing
Laura, 12 years old, tells how she heard about her father's imprisonment in Medellin, Colombia. She receives a letter where he explains the reason for his absence, in a story starring bunnies. The story leads the girl to visit him in prison and discover a truth that has been hidden from her family for years.
Official Selections and awards:
-Selected project in the BTG (Bridging The Gap) Animation Lab. Spain 2016.
-The Film Development Fund (FDC) animation grant award. Colombia. 2016
-Festival de Cine de Girardota - Girardota, Colombia 2019 (Best documentary short film)
-Caja de Pandora - Santa Fé de Antioquia, Colombia 2019 (Best documentary short film)
-Antioquia para Verte Mejor - Antioquia, Colombia.
-Panamá Animation Festival - Panamá City, Panamá 2019
-Le Chien qui aboie - Festival de Cine Colombiano de París, Francia 2019.
-Festival Internacional de Cine Colombiano de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019
-Animalatina - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019
-Lakino, Latin american short Film festival Berlín - Berlín, Germany 2019
-Animalatina - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019
-2da Muestra Cinespacio - Cali, Colombia 2019
-Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival Lisboa, Portugal 2019
-MIC Género 2019 - México y Argentina
-Festival de Cine de Málaga - Málaga, Espain 2019
-Bogoshorts – Bogotá, Colombia 2018
-Festival De Cine Corto De Popayán – Popayán, Colombia 2018 (best animation short film)
-Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente De Villa De Leyva - Villa de Leyva, Colombia 2018
-Pantalla Latina – St Gallen, Switzerland 2018
-Cutout Fest, Festival Internacional De Animación - Queretaro, México –2018
-Dok Leipzig – Leipzig, Alemania 2018
-TAF- Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2018
-Animatou Animation International Film Festival – Ginebra, Suiza 2018  

This is the story of man and a woman who meet by accident. A spark occurs, “chemistry” appears among these characters who will go through an emotional trip that will become them in “Islands”.
Official Selections:
Islas (Islands) /2014 / Animation short film / Script, directing, animation
-Short Film Corner. Cannes Film Festival 2015. France.
-Official selection. Copa Dos Curtas Film Festival 2015. Brasil.
-Official selection students category. Athens Animfest 2015. Greece.
Reciclando Recuerdos (Recycling Memories) /2010/Documentary short film / Script, directing
Two daughters set out on a journey to meet their father who is known as Osama the Town´s recycler.
Official Selections and awards:
-Best New Creator. Cartagena International Film Festival 2011. Colombia.
-Official Selection “Focus Colombia”. MiradasDoc Film Festival 2011. Spain.
-Second place.“Antioquia Para Verte Mejor” Film Contest 2012. Colombia.
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