"Carpinchos, chigüiros or chigüires, capybaras... these are just some of the many names for the world's largest rodent, and one of the most iconic animals in recent times in Latin America. 

Their deep gaze and elegant demeanor make them perfect to star in the first series of exclusive NFT's from The Pop Capybara Collection, a fusion of this beloved creature and pop culture at the hands of the incredible Colombian artist Catalina Vásquez.

This is an initiative of the community of Reserve users known as RGG that wants to give more people the opportunity to get a scholarship in NFT video games to play and win".
B u m b l e b e e
Protect the metaverse from the evil hands
E - G i r l
The cutest streamer in town
G r e e n   P o w e r   R a n g e r
It's Morphin Time
L e i a   O r g a n a
"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope."
M r.   Z o m b i e
This capibara scaped from the group and got bitten

T h e   A s t r o n a u t
Sky's the limit
T h e   M a r t i a n
Good vibes from outer space
T h e   W i z a r d
Ready for your next spell

U s a g i   T s u k i n o
The light of Usagi to take you to the moon
Z i g g y   S t a r d u s t
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
T H A N K S   F O R   W A T C H I N G!
Find the Pop Capybara Collection avaliable at Opensea

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