Catalina Vásquez Salazar
Artist, illustrator, filmmaker, and designer from the mountains of Medellín, Colombia.
Personal and intimate yet open and diverse, her work combines storytelling and graphic languages towards her own universe of topics, thus giving life to personal feelings, people and relationships, places and travels, personal and collective memories, and humanitarian causes.
Such a variety of possibilities keeps her active in both personal and commissioned works in various formats, including independent animation and documentary projects, illustrated books, comics and magazine articles, advertising, apps, educational projects, museography, textile, film, and fashion.
She is currently focused on developing her brand and personal projects, plus working on the community side and illustration at Reserve, where she has also been diving into web3.
Selected clients:
Adobe · Internazionale · Amnesty International · Upwork · Doméstika · Snapchat  · Reserve · Airbnb · Penguin Random House  · Editorial Planeta · Ministry of Culture of Colombia · Radio Ambulante · Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano FNPI  · Mutante · Comisión de la Verdad de Colombia  · Revista Semana · Revista Avianca · El Espectador · Señal Colombia · Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura de Medellín.

Geraldine (webcomic)Goethe Institut. Catalina Vásquez & Alejandra Pérez Torres. 2022
Los Animales de Cielo. (Illustrated book).Editorial Planeta. Catalina Vásquez & Germán Puerta Restrepo. 2021.
A Estória Do Sol E Do Rinoceronte. (Picture book). Alfaguara. Portugal. Catalina Vásquez & Ondjaki. 2020.
Las Aventuras de Ulises.(Illustrated book). Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia. 2017.
Manual Para Cazar Una Idea. (Picture book).Tragaluz Editores. Colombia. Catalina Vásquez & Jose Andrés Gómez. 2015.

Awards & Grants
ADC Silver Cube Award. The One Club for Creativity. New York, USA. 2022
Movements and Moments, Feminist Generation. Goethe Institut Indonesia. 2020
Graphic Novel Artistic Residence "Maison des Auteurs". Granted by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and La Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de L'image. Angouleme, France. 2018
The Film Development Fund Grant (FDC) - Proimágenes Colombia. 2016 

2015. Museo de la Calle. Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura. Medellín, Colombia
2018. Maison des Auteurs. Festival International De La Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême. France.
2019. Latin America illustration 6. New York, USA
2022.  Artists posters. La Guarimba International Film Festival. Amantea, Italy.


For any inquires please contact me at:
hello (at) kathiuska (dot) com

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