Inner Journey Candles

My first candle set. Each one of them each of them fulfills a different objective within the "journey"to go inside, to flow and blossom to new beginnings.

Concept, Illustration & Graphic Design: Catalina Vásquez
Photo & Art Direction: Valentina Hernández
To Go Inside

"The confusion of your mind does not let you move forward
intrusive thoughts come back again and again
always there
Guilt for doing too much or doing too little
and so the days go by
until you decide to open your eyes,  feel.
look in
Sometimes we evade ourselves by asking questions about life
That we need to realize that many answers are closer than we think.
And knowing each other takes work
Open the door to the inner journey
To go inside".
Aromatic properties
Incense: is an excellent ally for its magical effects in meditating and relaxing.

Verbena: Plant with purifying properties, used for centuries to overcome moments of depression and melancholy. It is a relaxing and calming effect.

Pine: Stimulator of mind and body, promotes mood and mental clarity. It helps to clear blockages.
To Flow
"It's time to leap into the void
A change that is becoming more and more necessary
and that removes deep layers
It's time to let go, to loosen
Say goodbye and thank everything that already was
trust intuition
To flow".
Aromatic properties

Citronella: its citrus and fresh aroma stimulate the nervous system, bringing joy, vitality, and well-being. It generates a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Eucalyptus: Plant with medicinal and refreshing properties. It enhances concentration and keeps the energy at its perfect point to clear the mind and lift your spirits.

Pine: Stimulator of mind and body, promotes mood and mental clarity. It helps to clear blockages.
To Flourish
"Days trying to find concentration
Giving shape to the ideas that only exist in your mind
Inspiration is the reward of curiosity and discipline.
And it leads to understanding what is wanted.
Visualize a new beginning.
To flourish".
Aromatic properties:

Gardenias: floral and fresh fragrance attracts harmony and aphrodisiac energies. It is also known as the flower of love and peace.

Cotton: provides a feeling of freshness, cleanliness, and well-being.

Sandalwood: transmits warmth in the environment and causes a state of calm. In Hindu culture and India, it refers to the reunion with the spirit and the inner self.
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