"There are 88 constellations in the sky, as astronomers defined it in the 20th century. The zodiacal constellations, which are found in the celestial strip through which the Sun, Moon and planets travel, are especially well known. Also important are the constellations that serve to orient us at night, such as the The Great Bear, which is in a northern direction, or Crux, the Southern Cross, which orients us to the south".​​​​​​​
Written by: Germán Puerta Restrepo
Illustrations: Catalina Vásquez
Editor: Carolina Vanegas
Published by Grupo Planeta. Colombia, 2021
Ursa Minor & Draco
Lynx & Leo Minor
Lupus / The Wolf
Piscis Austrinus / The Southern Fish
Ursa Major / The Great Bear
Aquila, Delphinus & Equuleus / The Eagle, The Dolphin and the Horse
Cygnus, Lacerta & Vulpecula / The Lizard, The Swan and the Fox
Serpens / The Serpent
Canis Major, Lepus & Columba / The Big Dog, the Hare and the Dove​​​​​​​
Camelopardalis / The Giraffe
Grus, Tucana, Pavo / The Crane, The Toucan & The Turkey
Capricornus / Capricorn

Cetus / The Whale
Hydra & Corvus / The Sea Monster and the Raven
Chamaleon, Musca & Apus / The Chameleon, The Fly and the Bird of Paradise
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