Comissioned illustrations for the web book "Invientario: poetic anthology of the 5 continents".
Published by Editorial José Max León Bilingual School
"Oh wind 
Are you the one who hides his face? 
I can hear your voiceamid the screeching cacophony of crickets 
That whistles a song at dusk 
Your breath giving me a cold massage."
S k e t c h e s
"The wind blows and whispers things on its journey 
shake the snow from the buildings
 and falls like tulle on my head".
El viento besa como un murmullo 
Osiris Mosquea
"In the mountains the winds run different. 
They beat each other on the breasts
like teenage breezes 
they don't know what they want".

Xavier Oquendo Troncoso​​​​​​​

"Rivers without bridge 
they go through 
startled the blue sands
 like cirrus clouds in a dull sky 
and your mountains they all cry 
like a newly crowned miss ..."

The summer visitor submits a report
Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir
"Whether I want to or not 
How hastily 
The wind enters my dwelling!
 It actually amazes me!"

The wind
Tithi Afroz

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