Illustrations for the march 2020 issue of Avianca´s magazine.
T H E  H O M O  C O S M O S 
"Human evolution will depend on modern science and genetic engineering. 
Will new places in the universe be conquered with new human species?"
C O G N I T I V E   F L E X I B I L I T Y
"Cognitive flexibility is one of the 10 skills raised at the World Economic Forum in its report on future employment. Who is not flexible cognitively feels very upset".
F R O M   P L A N T   T O   P L A N T
"They have been masters of adaptation, since conifers millions of years ago. Today we begin to discover that plants perceive, feel, struggle... and also communicate".
L I V E S   W O R K I N G
"We´re on track to hit 1.5 C of warming in 2040. As cities are shaped by rising seas and extreme weather events, the way we work will be irrevocably altered".

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