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Avianca and Semana Magazine
A first look inside Google’s top-secret design lab
"Inside the lab—and away from the cubicle culture of the engineering-driven Googleplex—industrial designers, artists, and sculptors are free to collaborate". 
These are the 5 “super skills” you need for jobs of the future
"Chances are your job description has changed over the past five years. Or maybe your role didn’t even exist a short time ago. The workplace of today and the future looks quite different due to technology, the economy, the environment, and politics".
The Best Mentors Ask These 8 Questions
"It’s hard to deny that good mentors are important. The best workplaces have formal
programs to develop mentoring relationships.
How these millennials are planning (and living) their early retirement
"For some professionals, it’s a salve for burnout; for others, simply a means to gain financial security. 
Often, the goal isn’t to stop working altogether, but to work on their own terms".
One city: Paris and their Cafes

Travel by profession
 From "digital" hotels to gyms with extended hours, passing by Flexible reservations, these are the travelers' concerns of business when choosing accommodation.

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