Series of  illustrations for Buenos Aires and San Francisco offices,
reflecting the vision of Latino neobanking.

Best Friend Finance is a financial center designed for Latinos from all over the American continent with a focus on those living in the U.S.

Ugly Cash is the app to connect all of the Americas, offering banking to U.S. customers, access to a USD balance with a card to customers in Latin America, and allowing the movement of money between them at no cost.

Latino Bank Arise
US Neobanking

"A future where Latino community feel understood, valued, and proud."

Interface of Inclusion
UX/UI app redesign

"A new a digital banking app designed exclusively for the Latino community." 
Say My Name!
Launch Brand Campaign

"This is our tribe. From Latin America to the world".
Digital Bridge
International P2P

"Instant, free international peer-to-peer system.
Made remittances as effortless as a WhatsApp message."
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