Reserve is scaling prosperity with a digital currency that has stable, real-world value. 
"We believe that access to a stable currency should be a human right.
We believe that hyperi
nflation can be eradicated".
H O M E  
P R O J E C T   
"Our mission is to provide every person in the world access to stable currency, in order to avert the intense humanitarian hardship that comes from hyperinflation. We are working to rebuild financial services in societies that are traumatized and stressed by decades of wealth destruction from high inflation and ongoing currency devaluation".
A C T I V I S M   
"We refuse to accept a world in which the place where you were born limits your development as a person.
This cause goes beyond any project; it’s a human cause. Thousands of people around the world are working and developing technology to make this possible".

P R O T O C O L   
"We've deployed a basic stablecoin on Ethereum, RSV, which wraps existing fiat-backed USD tokens.
We've also deployed a governance token, RSR, which currently has no functionality, but will perform crucial functions in the future.
The eventual goal is to offer an alternative to fiat money. Basically, what cryptocurrency was originally conceived to do, albeit through different means than bitcoin"
C A R E E R S 
"Our tools already help people cope with hyperinflation. But our ultimate goal is to eradicate it entirely.
To make this happen, we require people that think differently.
If you believe it’s possible, we want to talk to you".

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